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WBCo Soap Brows 25g

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WBCo Soap Brows is your best choice to get tidy and attractive eyebrows. It nourishes the eyebrows and gives them a thick and beautiful look.

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West Barn Co Soap Brows 25g

WBCo Soap Brows is the best eyebrow soap to raise and fix eyebrow hair. It is a natural product without harmful substances for eyebrows such as perfumes and harmful substances that cause skin irritation. This eyebrow soap is specially designed to style and arrange eyebrow hair and give you a thick look and natural beauty. The product also contains a brush for eyebrows.

Features and Benefits of WBCo Eyebrow Soap:

1. Its ingredients are natural.
2. Eyebrow arrangement.
3. Give you neat and attractive eyebrows.
4. Give you a bushy look of your eyebrows.
5. It does not cause allergies and irritation.
6. It does not contain perfumes and harmful substances

How to use West Barn Co Soap for eyebrows:

1. Spray Fix Plus on the brush, then move it with the soap until the substance sticks to the brush then comb the eyebrow with it.
2. The package includes a brush.

Safety information:

1. For external use only.
2. Keeps out of children’s reach.
3. Put the product in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
4. Stop using the product in case there is skin irritation or any siding problem occurs.

WBCo Soap Brows Ingredients :

Glycerin: moisturizing hair
Coconut Butter: Moisturizing, nourishing, and strengthening eyebrow hair
Sorbitol (or glucitol): to fix the eyebrow and maintain the eyebrow pattern


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