How to Take Care of Eyes Area And Keep It Moisturized

How to Take Care of Eyes Area And Keep It Moisturized?

The eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the body, and a woman’s eyes are beauty and luster that penetrates the heart with their beauty and attractiveness. The area around the eyes has thin and delicate skin and needs care, attention, and special products for the eye area.

Because of external factors that greatly affect this sensitive area, and make it faded, full of annoying lines and make you look older, in this article, we will talk about how to keep the skin of the eyes area beautiful and bright.

Methods care for eyes area:

1. Moisturizing the skin

Moisturizing the skin is a very important factor in the care of the eyes area because it reduces the appearance of annoying wrinkles that make a person look older. 

When the skin dries out and loses water, your skin will be shrinking then wrinkles and fine lines will appear.

So we recommend you to drink enough water at least 2-3 liters per day to keep the skin hydrated and also using moisturizing creams.

2. Dark Circles

Many people from different ages are suffering from problems of dark circles.

Reasons of dark circles appearance:

There are different reasons that work on appearing dark circles:

  • Lack of sleep and staying up for a long time continuously without taking rest.
  • Overuse of tablets, such as computers and mobile phones, without resting your eyes.
  • Getting old.
  • Imbalance in the secretion of hormones.
  • DNA.
  • Kidney diseases.
  • Sleeping for long periods of time.

Treating dark circles:

Tea bags:

The method of tea bags is famous and one of the best ways to treat dark circles.

How to use

Put the tea bag in hot water.

Wait for the bag until become cool

Put it directly on the eye area for five minutes.

Rose Water

Rose water is useful for skin and eye area care. It is preferred to use in a daily skincare routine because it gives the skin luster and freshness.

How to use:

Put some drops of rose water on a cotton swab

Put this cotton swab on dark circles

Leave the cotton swab on your face for 15 minutes

Aloe Vera

It is a wonderful plant that is useful for skin and hair, and it is also used to treat dark circles and care for sensitive skin.

How to use:

Put the Aloe Vera gel on dark circles then massage gently for moments

Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes

Remove the Aloe Vera Gel using a cotton swab with lukewarm water

Sunlight protection

Taking care of protecting your eyes from sunlight will help you to avoid eye problems for the long term. You should stay away from the damage caused by the sun’s rays, so it is preferred to use a sunscreen suitable for your skin type and also use medical sunglasses.


Some types of sunscreen products:

Innisfree Sunscreen, SPF 50+, 50ml

Aromatica Calming Sunscreen SPF 50+, 82g

Sebamed Sunscreen Cream For Sensitive Skin, 75 ml


Products that provide superior care for the eye area:

I am from ginseng eye cream 30 gm.

Petitvi Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch, 60 Pieces.

Cosrx eye cream with snail and peptide 25ml.

Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Moisturizing Cream, 14gm


We afford you some tips and ways to keep your eyes beautiful and luster. Serfel store provides you with medical products from the best brands around the world for skin, hair, and eyes.

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