Rewards Program

Serfel’s Stars

Join our Serfel community and write your experiment. We care about your review and our community as well. Exchange your experience with others for useful and intelligent shopping experiments. Joining our community will grant you exclusive offers and special discounts for your upcoming orders.

More stars. More benefits and more offers.


  • A star for every Riyal

Today’s shopping is tomorrow’s gift. With every Riyal you spend on your purchases, you will get a star that grants you offers and special discounts for your upcoming orders.

  • 10 stars for every review

Purchasing a product’s decision depends on others’ experiments is honest, personal, and loyal. Also, we encourage you to share your experiment so that others can buy depending on your product’s review. 10 stars for every review.

  • 1000 stars for every new friend

We are doing our best to provide fair and fast shopping experiments. We are hoping to recommend us to your other friends. For every new friend shipping his order, you will get 1000 stars at your account.

  • More shares .. More stars

We need to know your reviews about small and big issues. We have questions and competitions. For every share you have added to us, Serfel’s stars will be added to your account.

Stars will be added according to Serfel’s direction and under its terms and conditions that can be modified at any time.