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Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo 250 ml

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Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo has a distinctive and shining formula that gives your hair the soft texture and the necessary shine

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Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo Smooth As Silk for Damaged Hair – 250 ml

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo is rich in the benefits that give attractive shine hair. It takes care of damaged hair that needs more moisture and care to show smooth hair like silk, believe in hair and scalp and free of sulfate.

Product features:

  1. Suitable for damaged hair.
  2. It works to clean hair gently.
  3. Sulfur -free such as: Laurel or Lorer.
  4. Gives your hair softness like silk and attractive shine.
  5. Believe in hair and scalp and make the hair look great.

How to use the product:

  1. Put a sufficient shampoo on your hands
  2. Then apply shampoo on wet hair and massage well for the best results
  3. Finally rinse your hair

Safety Information:

  1. Keeps out of children’s reach
  2. Keep it in a cool and dry place
  3. Avoid touching shampoo your eyes
  4. For external use only


Aqua (pure water), sodium lorill sarlil, cocamido propyl, sodium cocoasitat, glucoside laurel, decelle glucoseide, sodium cocoine gluttamate, carboxic glucose sodium, glycerin, apple fruit extract (Pyros Malos), *Aloe Vera (padnsis) juice , *German chamomile leaf extract (Kamomella Ricotita), *Valencia orange extract (Citros Orlantium Dolces), *Grapefruit Fruit extract (Citros Grandez), *Lemon Herb (Simbobogone Sakinathos), Aish Anishia Porporia extract, *Soybean seed extract (Glyysin Soy), *Lavender extract (Lavando Angostavulia), *Rosemary (Rosemarinas store), *Giant Sea Moss Zanthan gum, bipolar glycol, panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), citric acid, multi -sorbat 20, natural fragrance, potassium sorbat, phenoxy ethanol.


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