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Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment 118 ml

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Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment for attractive & healthy hair, thanks to its richness in nutrients that repairing damaged hair and taking care of dry hair.

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Agadir Argan Hair Oil Treatment 118 ml

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment is a natural solution to improve the quality of hair, increase its density and make it soft, the abundance of omegas in it helps nourish the hair, helps to reduce flaking and dryness of the hair. It is suitable for permanent daily use because of containing the nutrients needed for hair care that gives your hair the natural color and the necessary shine.

Active ingredients:

The active ingredient contained in the Agadir product is argan oil to moisturize hair (natural oil)

Product features:

  1. The product contains natural argan oil, which gives hair volume and softness
  2. It nourishes the hair with the necessary nutrients and reduces its dryness
  3. Eliminates frizz, makes hair stronger than before, and makes it smoother
  4. It contains natural hair food that gives it the benefit and takes care of it
  5. It gives the hair a natural color
  6. It does not contain any substances that may harm hair, such as alcohol
  7. Suitable for all hair type.
  8. Free from sulfates and parabens
  9. It takes care of dry and damaged hair and gives it the necessary health and hydration
  10. Rich in vitamin E, which repairs hair and gives it strength and shine
  11. Nourishes the scalp and treats itching

How to use Agadir Argan Oil to moisturize and treat hair:

You can use argan oil in the following way:

  1. Clean your hair and wash it with your shampoo
  2. Apply the oil to damp hair
  3. Distribute the oil in an appropriate amount on your hair
  4. Massage the hair from root to end for extra care and healthier hair
  5. Leave the oil on your hair for 10-20 minutes to get the necessary and beneficial nutrients
  6. Wash your hair with warm water and your shampoo
  7. Dry your hair naturally

Safety information:

  1. Before use, make sure that the oil is suitable for your hair
  2. Be careful of irritation or sensitivity
  3. If irritation or sensitivity occurs when using the oil, you should stop immediately, wash your hair, and consult your doctor
  4. Contact of the oil with the face and eyes should be avoided as it may cause allergic reactions
  5. Keep the oil out of children’s reach


Natural argan oil


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