We are always keen to preserve the rights of the buyer and provide the best options that grant him a pleasant and safe shopping experience, so that we in the Serfel store do not allow him to return or exchange any care and beauty products, except for products that reach the customer in case of damage only.

How long does the exchange / return process need for the damaged product?

We are doing our best to implement the process as quickly as possible, and the process takes 10 -15 working days.

Are requests for exchange / return for the damaged product accepted during the period?

Within 1-7 days of the purchase of the product, requests for exchange / return of the product submitted by the customer are accepted.

Is there an additional fee for the exchange / return process?

The Serfel store takes care of the full fees for the exchange/return process for the damaged product.

How to perform the process of exchanging / returning the damaged product?

In the beginning, dear buyer, you are required to communicate with the technical support team and inform them of the product status to begin the process and procedures for replacement and retrieval through the customer service page or direct communication through the WhatsApp number here.

Provided that the replaced/returned product is in its original condition and in its original packaging and has not been used, opened, or changed the packaging appearance of the product.

In the case of exchanging and returning products with international shipping?

Maybe there is an additional customs fees for shipments outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it must be paid by the recipient.

Do you want to refund the amount paid?

You can return the amount you have paid in case the damaged product was delivered, by replacing it with a purchase voucher with the same value as the product or replacing the product with another product, or transferring the amount of money through the available payment methods.